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Founded in 2004, we are an innovative and multi award winning b2b intelligence and networking company specialising in the area of procurement, sourcing and supply chain management. Our primary property is Procurement Leaders™ (www.procurementleaders.com), a global membership-led community providing essential market intelligence, data, education and networking services to the world’s top procurement executives and their enterprises. We work with over 700 leading corporations and 24,000 senior professionals, equipping them with expert practices that transform functional performance, uncover innovations and drive measurable value to their organisations.

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Our vision is to build the world’s ‘most valued’ procurement network, a unique and vital destination that connects, inspires and supports our members to become more successful.


Our purpose is to ‘inspire progress in procurement’. we play a central role supporting and raising the profile
of this important and growing function.

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Inspiring progress in procurement...

We know that procurement is more than saving money, it's fundamental to adding value to any organisation.


Strategic procurement is central to a successful organisation in today's competitive market. As such, we dedicate ourselves to providing our members with the support, connections, insight and inspiration from around the world to continually progress procurement.

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Our executive board and management team includes some of the most respected individuals in
media, data publishing and events.

















Are you ready to work with some of the brightest, most ambitious and creative individuals in our industry?
We are a forward-thinking, dynamic organisation, with enormous enthusiasm and drive for our philosophy, our service,
our clients and our people.

Just one simple thing sets us apart, we only want the very best.

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For the latest list of vacancies, please email a.thompson@procurementleaders.com

Hope Rogers

When did you start at Sigaria?

October 2011

I am responsible for….

All individual membership accounts. It is my primary focus to engage, support, renew and grow our relationships.

What’s great about Sigaria?

It is a small but rapidly growing company, which means you have the ability to influence processes and have a real input. There is also a great social culture and mix of people.

My favourite memory from my time at Sigaria is the time when…

I had the opportunity to attend some of the events in Zurich and London. They are always hosted at fantastic venues around the world and attending events is a great way to meet our customers  face to face. It is also a great way to see the membership community in action. You get to understand the content we produce and why  this is so valuable for our members.
The world congress and awards ceremony in London is particularly exciting, ‘it’s like the Oscars but for procurement’.

My USP is…..

I am partial to a spot of karaoke!

Hope Rogers

Junior Account Manager

“I enjoy helping our customers. It’s rewarding when you work hard and get results. I like building rapport with people, getting to know their needs and providing them with solutions. I also enjoy yoga, swimming and generally keeping fit. I have a passion for travel, music events and food festivals!”
Sebastian Salcedo

When did you start at Sigaria?

September 2011

I am responsible for….

The design, layout and coding of our websites and digital platforms which involves technical and graphical aspects of the website – how the site works and how it looks. I’m also involved with the maintenance and update of the site and management of third party suppliers.

What’s great about Sigaria?

Sigaria is a company that always finds a way to reach its goals and overcome challenges that faced on the journey. The company environment is warm, motivating and friendly.

My favourite memory from my time at Sigaria is the time when…

Our annual Summer Retreat in 2013. I really enjoyed the team challenges and bonding activities.

My USP is…..

I consider myself very techie. I love finding out about the latest global innovations, gadgets and mobile technologies. I also own twelve pairs of Converse trainers and identify myself with them as part of my image.

Sebastian Salcedo

Web Developer

“I love to play football every week and I also enjoy my music jam sessions where I gather around with friends and play guitar and dabble with the Piano, Bass and other instruments such as percussion.”
Tom Seal

When did you start at Sigaria?

October 2010

I am responsible for….

The research team and the content that we produce. My background is within procurement, so a big part of my role is making sure the research we produce matches procurement’s needs as closely as possible. A lot of my time is spent in workshops and events, ranging from small gatherings of category managers, to delivering presentations at major events like the Procurement Leaders World Congress.

What’s great about Sigaria?

We’ve come up with our own innovative way of doing things, which is rewarding in it’s own right, but it’s also meant we’ve been able to create opportunities for people. We’ve given quite a few people their first job during a period when few were recruiting.

My favourite memory from my time at Sigaria

Probably this year when we picked up three major awards including PPA Digital Brand of the Year in 2013. Particularly for me, having a major part in our digital platform and content, it was great to see the industry recognising our work.

My USP is…..

I’ve been competing in triathlons for many years, racing every distance from sprint to ironman. I represented Great Britain at the European Championships in the Czech Republic in 2008 and again in Spain in 2009. I also shoot for the Stock Exchange rifle club, and recently qualified as a shooting instructor.

Tom Seal

Head of Research

“I enjoy continually developing our research, both the methodology and the appearance. It means no two projects are ever the same.”

Maggie Slowik

When did you start at Sigaria?

June 2009

I am responsible for….

I’m on the research team where I specialise in areas such as CSR and Talent. I’m also a product development manager for one of our new education products, the Mini MBA for Procurement.

What’s great about Sigaria?

The company is fast paced, international and energetic, and people genuinely care about the business. If you have a great idea and want to make a positive impact, nobody will stop you here.

My favourite memory from my time at Sigaria

I spilled powdered soup on a CPOs suit in a posh venue in central London …

My USP is…..

I have three accents in one. No matter where I tell people I’m from, they don’t believe me. If there is such a thing as cultural-emotional intelligence, I definitely have it!

Maggie Slowik

Senior Manager: Research & Academy

“Things I enjoy doing include travelling and networking. London is great for that. You never know what or who is waiting for you around the corner. You just have to get out of the house.”

We always like to hear from outstanding people.

If you have the skills and experience to help us build a better business and would like to be part of our growing international team,
please email your CV to Anne Thompson at a.thompson@procurementleaders.com


  • Innovation

    – in all that we do from product development to delivery channels to the internal processes and systems, we aim to be the most innovative of our peers and competitors ensuring we are the most effective at providing value to our customers.

  • Simplicity

    – breeding efficiency from consuming information to delivering content.

  • Collaboration

    – the membership is built around the community and collaboration is a key driver to continued performance improvement.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    – customers and the business benefit from such a culture. Employees feel ownership and are given responsibilities to match, delivering the ideas and effort to provide leading information, tools and service to customers.

  • Excellence

    – we aim to support our customers to achieve procurement excellence by always striving to provide excellence in our service.


We are committed to deliver an unparalleled service to our members. We speak and visit them every day to learn more about their challenges and needs from our service. We are located in North America, Europe and Asia

Global Offices:

Sigaria Europe:
Prospero House, 241 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1GA, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)20 7501 0530
E: info@sigaria.com

Sigaria North America:
1550 Wewatta Street, 2nd Floor, Denver, Colorado, 80202, United States
T: +1 (720) 386-2762
E: info@sigaria.com

Sigaria Australia:
PO Box 16128, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 8007, Australia
E: info@sigaria.com


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